The 7 Best Party Cruises: Your Ticket to Epic Nights at Sea


If you’re looking for a fun-filled adventure at sea, then look no further than party cruises. And the best party cruises? Look no further than this detailed guide! Party cruise ships, the delightful fusion of non-stop entertainment and the tranquility of an open sea voyage, have ascended the ranks to become a favorite among vacationers.

Unlike your typical cruise, party cruise ships are curated to offer an exhilarating experience with theme nights, live music, and endless drink specials. These floating fiestas offer everything you need from dance parties that continue till sunrise, track-torching DJs, and an endless supply of activities beyond the dance floor. Sounds enticing, right?

The Allure of Party Cruises

The appeal of party cruise lines lies in their unmatched ability to blend the highlights of a great party with the allure of an unforgettable travel experience. With everything from sun-soaked days by the pool deck to late-night parties under the star-studded sky, there’s never a dull moment onboard. Plus, the convenience of being just a few steps away from your bed at the end of the night is a significant bonus.

Why is There a Surge in the Popularity of Party Cruises?

What is it that makes party cruises the ultimate haven for vacationers? Picture this – the tranquility of cruising across the serene waters, coupled with an electrifying atmosphere of an endless party! They offer a lot more than just an ordinary sailing experience. Instead, they serve as an extraordinary fusion of onboard entertainment venues, delectable international cuisines, and thrilling explorations of diverse destinations carefully designed by the cruise line active young adults in mind. Envision enjoying gourmet meals under a sky full of stars, dancing your heart out to jammin’ live music, and waking up to the beautiful skyline of a different city every day. Amazing, isn’t it?

Did you know that the global appeal of partying on cruise ships has seen a significant rise over the past decade? Back in 2019, the cruise industry set sail with a staggering number of 30 million passengers from around the globe, and party cruises contributed to a substantial share of this statistic.

The All-in-One Experience Offered by Party Cruises

So, what is it that’s causing these floating parties to be the favorite choice for millions worldwide? The key lies in the unique combination of luxury accommodations, top-notch entertainment, and an endless variety of activities. From breath-taking Las Vegas-style shows and gourmet dining experiences to sun-soaked pool parties and high-energy nightclubs, these cruise lines promise a variety of delights to all their passengers embarking on a cruise vacation.

The Unique Atmosphere of Party Cruises

Each cruise ship aims to set themself apart with their vibrant atmosphere and fun ships. The energy on the ship is infectious, with hundreds or even thousands of partygoers onboard. The dress code is typically more relaxed than on traditional cruises, allowing you to let loose a bit more (there are even cruise lines that are clothing-optional). Plus, the convenience of having all these hot-spots such as a dance club, music hall, comedy club, or sports bar throughout the entire ship eliminates the stress of navigating unfamiliar cities or transport systems, making your vacation truly carefree.

Another top perk is that you never need to worry about driving home in the wee hours of the night, so you can have all the fun you want on themed nights like Latin night and simply walk back to your room to crash. Or if you’ve got just a little energy left in the tank, why not join one of the rooftop pajama parties or take a few minutes to relax in the hot tubs?

The Music Scene on Party Cruises

If music is your primary concern, rest assured. Each cruise line on our list features performances from some of the biggest names in music and entertainment. Many cruise lines even offer themed cruises catering to specific music genres or fan groups. Whether you’re a fan of EDM or old-school hip-hop, there’s a party cruise out there to satiate your music cravings.

Social Aspects of Party Cruises

One of the most captivating aspects of a party cruise ship is the socializing opportunity it offers to young adults, or any adults for that matter. Sharing a ship with so many like-minded people provides the perfect platform to make new friends and connections. This shared experience could be the start of lifelong friendships, or perhaps even ignite a romantic spark!

In conclusion, party cruises offer an incredible blend of entertainment, social interaction, and travel. With their soaring popularity, they are clearly the way to go for a unique, unforgettable holiday.

Party Cruise Common Questions

Before we jump into the best party cruises, let’s quickly answer some common questions about party cruises. Questions such as what is a party cruise like? What are the average ages of guests onboard? Can you go alone, or should you bring friends? What kind of activities and entertainment can you expect to find onboard? Keep reading to find out everything you should know before booking your first party cruise.

What Kind of Activities and Entertainment is There?

Party cruises are a treasure trove of activities and entertainment. The spectrum ranges from poolside games and contests to comedy shows and karaoke sessions to themed parties that extend into the late hours of the night. But that’s not all. You can also partake in workshops, classes, and seminars that span a variety of topics from wellness and fitness to cooking and mixology. The fun doesn’t end there! Onboard amenities such as waterslides, rock climbing walls, and mini-golf courses add an extra dash of excitement to the entire journey.

Who Goes on Party Cruises?

Curious about the demographics of a party cruise? Although there are no strict age restrictions, the typical age group for party cruises ranges from 21 to 45 years. This includes college students, other young adults, professionals, singles, and even groups of friends or couples celebrating special events. So, whether you’re keen on partying with your peers or meeting new people from diverse walks of life, party cruises serve as an exciting platform.

Sailing Solo or With Friends?

First-time party cruisers often wonder whether to embark on this journey alone or with a group of friends. Well, there’s no right or wrong answer. If it’s your maiden voyage and you’re a little apprehensive, it could be beneficial to tag along with friends, providing a built-in support system. However, for seasoned solo travelers who relish meeting new people, party cruises can be a fantastic avenue for forging new friendships.

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5 Considerations When Choosing the Best Party Cruise

1. Destination

When selecting a party cruise, the destination should be a top priority. Do you want to party on the high seas, or would you prefer to stop in exotic locations along the way? The destination will also influence the type of party experience. For instance, the Caribbean is a hotspot for party cruises for young adults, boasting crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches, while European destinations offer more cosmopolitan vibes. It is crucial to choose a destination that appeals to your preferences.

2. Duration

Party cruises range from 2-day weekend getaways to week-long voyages. Your choice of duration can affect the quality of your party experience. Shorter trips may offer more intense partying and a slightly younger crowd on average, while longer trips give you a chance to unwind and explore more. Keep in mind that entertainment options typically vary depending on the duration of the cruise as well. A longer trip may have more variety compared to a shorter one.

3. Onboard Amenities

The onboard facilities and amenities can make or break your party cruise. It is essential to research what is available from each cruise line and each cruise ship before booking. Some party cruise ships cater to specific genres of music or entertainment, while other cruise lines may provide a wide variety. From luxurious spas and fitness centers to pool decks and nightclubs, it is important to select a party cruise that offers the facilities that appeal to your interests.

4. Budget

The cost is a vital consideration when choosing the best cruise lines for your sea paradise. Most cruise lines have tickets that are available in different price ranges, ranging from economical all the way to wildly-extravagant. The price typically covers accommodation, meals, entertainment, and other onboard activities.

It is important to set a budget and stick to it as your credit card can quickly get maxed out in a party atmosphere of one of the best party cruise ships. Planning ahead, checking for discounts and offers, and comparing prices across different cruise lines can help you find the best deal.

5. Guest Type

Are you partying with friends, traveling alone, or planning a romantic getaway with your partner? It is essential to consider your fellow guests when selecting your cruise line and cruise ship. Some cruises are more family-oriented for younger kids, while others cater to young adults and up. Ensure that the typical demographic of the cruise line and cruise ship you choose appeals to your guest type to avoid feeling out of place.

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The 7 Best Party Cruises in 2023

The quest for finding the perfect party vacation at sea can be overwhelming, considering the vast ocean of choices available to you (pun intended). Fear not, for we have traversed through a ridiculous number of customer reviews, cruise forums, cruise line websites, and cruise line brochures, to compile a list of the best party cruises to set sail in 2023. So, shall we embark on this voyage?

1. Carnival Vista: The Epitome of Exuberance

When it comes to an energetic and lively party experience, Carnival Cruise line with their Carnival Vista cruise ship sails ahead of the fleet. More than any of the other Carnival ships, this vibrant ship offers a high-energy environment that mirrors a floating, lively city rather than just a cruise ship.

The Carnival Vista is studded with an array of amenities including a multi-tier water park for the thrill-seekers and an IMAX theater to satiate the appetite of film enthusiasts. The SkyRide, an open-air cycling experience suspended high above the deck, offers adrenaline-pumping enjoyment with panoramic views of the sea.

As night falls, this Carnival ship transforms into a pulsating hub of entertainment with a younger crowd. The Havana Club, with its lively Cuban vibes, is a perfect place to let your hair down and sway to the rhythm of catchy beats. Add to that the mesmerizing Liquid Lounge, and you’re in for a night of unforgettable fun and frolic. Being one of the best cruise lines overall, Carnival Cruise line is no stranger to entertaining young adults with pool parties, themed nights, and other exciting activities.

You definitely won’t want to miss the White Hot Party Night (occurs on almost all Carnival ships) which is a special one-night event, transforming the deck into a radiant sea of white, where passengers dance under the stars to pulsating beats, creating a night of unforgettable energy and fun. A Carnival cruise on the Vista provides a blend of day-time thrill and night-time chill makes it an undisputed leader among the best party cruises without a doubt.

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2. Norwegian Epic: An Oasis of Nightlife

The Norwegian Epic, part of the innovative Freestyle Cruising concept from Norwegian Cruise Line, takes party cruises to new heights. It stands as a behemoth of floating entertainment, weaving an unforgettable fusion of diverse parties, exceptional dining, and immersive entertainment experiences.

Norwegian Epic doesn’t just host parties; it hosts epic parties. From the electrifying themed nights at the Bliss Ultra Lounge to the vibrant White Hot Party, the energy never fades. An entire world of unique experiences and unforgettable memories awaits on this Norwegian cruise line ship, and each night is an invitation to immerse yourself in a high-energy atmosphere, dancing the night away under the stars.

An international highlight of the entertainment onboard is “Burn the Floor,” a sizzling ballroom dance spectacle. An international championship cast shows off their mesmerizing dance moves, captivating audiences with everything from grand Viennese waltzes to the sensual Tango and the fiery Rumba. This European-flavored performance adds an extra touch of glamour to your sea adventure.

On the Norwegian Epic, you’re not just a spectator, but part of the action. At the Headliners Comedy Club, you can enjoy the unique humor of the world-renowned Second City comedy troupe, laugh out loud at their hilarious blend of comedy, and even join in the hilarity. On the same stage, the Rock ‘N’ Roll Dueling Piano Show, “Howl at the Moon,” invites you to sing, clap, and laugh along in a high-energy music performance.

The party continues at O’Sheehan’s Neighborhood Bar & Grill Bowling Alley. This lively venue offers you the unique opportunity to bowl at sea (additional charges apply). Between strikes, spares, and cheers, it’s an enjoyable place to unwind with friends.

Not to be forgotten are the diverse dining options onboard apart from the main dining rooms. With more than 20 dining choices, the Norwegian Epic satisfies every palate, whether you’re craving gourmet French cuisine at “Le Bistro,” succulent meats at “Modern Churrascaria,” or casual fare at “O’Sheehan’s.”

3. Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas: The Innovator of Onboard Experiences

Oasis of the Seas is a titan in the Royal Caribbean International fleet, setting a high benchmark for innovative onboard experiences. This ship is a testament to the phrase ‘the more, the merrier’, offering a plethora of entertainment options that are nothing short of groundbreaking.

Royal Caribbean International stands out among the best party cruise lines as it has the lowest average age of travelers of any other cruise lines and they also hold the title for the largest ship. Not only are the Royal Caribbean ships full of young people ready for late night parties in the dance club and pool parties, but they are loaded with entertainment venues across the entire ship. Whether you prefer the comedy club, dance parties, or simply drinking craft beers on one of the best cruise ships in the world, Royal Caribbean has you covered and then some.

For adventure enthusiasts, Oasis of the Seas features a thrilling zip line and rock-climbing walls that test your resolve. For those seeking a more relaxed and chill environment, the Entertainment Place is the hub of all activity, housing comedy clubs, jazz lounges, and more. Moreover, it offers an interactive AquaTheater show, ice-skating performances, and even a carousel.

Oasis of the Seas revolutionizes the concept of a cruise vacation whether it be short cruises to the Caribbean on spring break or just a weekend getaway to party away some stress, Royal Caribbean International is one of the best cruise lines in the world for entertainment.

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4. Disney Dream: Disney’s Magic Tailored for Adults

While the Disney Cruise Line fleet is renowned for its family-friendly appeal, the Disney Dream emerges as the ultimate choice for adults seeking the magic of Disney coupled with a vibrant party atmosphere. One of the most popular Disney ships, the Dream artfully marries the enchantment of Disney with spirited adult-exclusive spaces, making it a unique party cruise experience unlike any other.

Disney Dream features an array of nightlife venues tailored for adults. The District, an adult-exclusive area, houses five unique lounges that come alive at night. The Skyline lounge, with its panoramic views of famous cityscapes and extensive cocktail list, provides an elegant backdrop for an evening of socializing. For the bubbly enthusiasts, Pink serves an array of champagnes in a sophisticated and intimate setting.

If you love dancing, Evolution will be your spot. With a lively atmosphere and vibrant dance floor, it offers the quintessential nightclub experience. Each evening on the Disney Dream feels like a dream, whether you’re catching a dazzling Broadway-style show, sipping martinis on the pool deck, or singing spotlight karaoke.

The dining on Disney cruise ships is an experience to savor, and is even better on the Dream with adult-exclusive restaurants serving gourmet dishes. Palo offers Northern Italian cuisine with a modern twist, while Remy serves the finest in French-inspired cuisine. Both restaurants provide sweeping ocean views, adding to the overall dining experience.

The Disney Dream sails exciting itineraries, such as short cruises to the Bahamas, blending the thrill of travel with all the fun of pool parties and theme nights on the dance floor. Whether you’re a first-time cruiser or a lifelong Disney enthusiast, the Disney Dream offers a captivating escape for young adults ready to experience the magic of Disney with an added splash of nighttime fun.

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5. The Celebrity Apex: A Blend of Sophistication and Party Spirit

The Celebrity Apex sets itself apart as a luxury party cruise ship that balances an air of sophistication with an undeniable spirit of fun. Part of the revolutionary Edge Series by Celebrity Cruises, the Apex is a marvel of modern technology and design that elevates the party atmosphere at sea to a new level.

From the moment you step aboard, you’ll be entranced by the ship’s sleek, contemporary design that perfectly complements its vibrant, energetic atmosphere. The Celebrity Apex is renowned for its plush accommodations, but it’s the nightlife and entertainment options that truly make it stand out for those seeking late night parties.

As the sun sets, the ship comes alive with a variety of party venues designed to suit every mood. The Club, a transformative space that morphs from a relaxing gathering spot during the day to a pulsating dance club at night, is the heart of the ship’s nightlife. This is where you can show off your dance moves, get carried away with themed parties, or simply enjoy some cocktails in the high-energy ambiance.

The Celebrity Apex doesn’t stop at just one party spot, though. The Resort Deck, with its stunning outward-facing pool deck, becomes a buzzing venue under the stars. The Sunset Bar, offering the best views of the sea and an impressive cocktail menu, is another favorite gathering spot for young adults and other fellow cruisers.

There are plenty of live music performances as well, from DJs spinning tunes to expert musicians performing in live bands. Music reverberates through the ship, keeping the party atmosphere going until the early hours of the morning.

The dining experiences on Apex are a party for your palate. With a total of 29 distinctive restaurants, bars, and lounges, the ship caters to every taste. From the Rooftop Garden Grill, an outdoor BBQ eatery, to Fine Cut Steakhouse, which offers high-quality cuts in an upscale setting, each dining experience is a feast for the senses.

At the end of the day, the Celebrity Apex offers an unrivaled party cruise experience. Whether you’re seeking an all-night dance party, a cozy spot to sip cocktails under the stars, or a blend of both, the Apex effortlessly delivers a unique blend of sophistication and high-energy fun.

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6. Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady: Redefining the Party Cruise Experience

The Scarlet Lady, the groundbreaking inaugural ship from Virgin Voyages, truly revolutionizes the party cruise experience for contemporary young adults in the 21st century. Exclusively available for passengers aged 18 and above, the Scarlet Lady embodies the essence of a floating festival that seamlessly blends electrifying parties with unparalleled entertainment options, making each voyage an extraordinary celebration.

At the core of this vibrant party atmosphere are the ship’s extraordinary venues. The Manor, a stunning two-story nightclub with glamorous aesthetics, throbs with intoxicating energy as talented DJs curate the latest chart-topping hits. Within this enchanting space, every evening delivers a fresh and exhilarating party experience, enticing passengers to dance until the early morning hours. The Red Room, a remarkable performance area on the ship, hosts a diverse range of captivating shows and live performances, ensuring a constant influx of awe-inspiring entertainment that leaves you mesmerized.

We wouldn’t do this ship justice without mentioning the Scarlet Night party! Scarlet Night is the signature party event onboard the Scarlet Lady, an evening where the entire ship immerses itself in a glamorous, red-tinted celebration. It’s a spectacular, high-energy affair featuring dazzling performances, live music, and guests adorned in their best red attire, all culminating in a memorable night under the stars. This is truly an incredible experience that is far from the ordinary that you will find even on some of the other best cruise lines. You don’t want to miss the Scarlet Night party!

For an extraordinary twist on conventional festivities, the Aquatic Club beckons with its elegant poolside lounge ambiance during the day, which seamlessly transforms into a dynamic dance floor beneath the glittering starlit sky at night. Immersive DJ sets, unexpected performances, and tantalizing poolside cocktails combine to create an electric atmosphere that fuels the perpetual momentum of the party.

The ship’s daytime offerings are just as enthralling, with the Athletic Club serving as an outdoor oasis with a sporty flair, hosting a delightful array of enjoyable games and activities. Taking center stage within this remarkable space is a sprawling catamaran-like net, where passengers can unwind, socialize, and perhaps even forge new and meaningful connections.

In essence, the Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady stands as the pinnacle of adult-focused, high-energy party cruises, delivering an extraordinary experience. Virgin Voyages has solidified itself as one of the best party cruise lines, and certainly providing some of the very best cruises for young adults.

7. The Regent Seven Seas Explorer: Party in Luxury

For those seeking an opulent experience, the Regent Seven Seas Explorer is touted as “the most luxurious ship ever built.” With the highest space-to-passenger ratio in the cruise world, this ship ensures a lavish party experience. The Seven Seas Explorer hosts a range of high-energy parties and shows, including deck parties with live music and dancing that lasts until the early hours.

Cruise-goers can enjoy up to six open bars, including the high-end Meridian Lounge and Explorer Lounge, each hosting different music from a Jazz band to a cabaret show. What sets this cruise apart is the Culinary Arts Kitchen, offering gastronomy classes and wine tasting for the foodie party-goers. The Connoisseur Club, the ship’s smoking lounge, provides an old-world ambiance where guests can enjoy a late-night cigar with a wide selection of fine spirits.

For a high-energy experience, the main show lounge hosts a plethora of performances, ranging from cabaret shows to musical revues. The presentations are tailored to capture the attention of guests, offering both visual and auditory delight. The thrill of gaming is not missed on the Regent Seven Seas Cruises. The onboard casino provides a range of popular table games and slot machines, ensuring a dose of adrenaline for those who wish to try their luck.

It’s not just parties; the ship’s Canyon Ranch Spa also offers a serene retreat. The Regent Seven Seas Explorer has masterfully created a party cruise experience that doesn’t compromise on luxury or comfort, making it one of the best party cruises for those willing to splurge on an unforgettable experience.

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The world of party cruises is as vast as the ocean itself, offering experiences that are both unique and unforgettable. Whether you’re drawn towards the non-stop energy of the Carnival Vista or the elegant allure of the Celebrity Apex, the best party cruises in 2023 promise a journey like no other. So, why not give yourself the treat of a luxury vacation that marries the tranquility of the open seas with the thrill of a round-the-clock party? Isn’t it about time you explored this extraordinary experience for yourself?

For those who have already experienced the thrill of being on one of the best party cruise ships, which ship do you believe sails above the rest? Share your experiences, your favorite activities, and let’s keep the conversation going. Here’s to smooth sailing and thrilling adventures!

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