The 7 Best Montessori Beds of June 2023

The Best Toddler Floors Beds Reviewed

Are you a parent looking for a safe and comfortable bed option for your toddler? Or, perhaps, you are considering the Montessori approach to helping your little one transition from cot to big kid bed. Either way, it’s important to choose the right floor bed—one that promotes independence but also ensures safety. With so many options on the market today, what should you look for and which products will best suit your family’s needs?

In this blog post, we’ll explore all there is to know about floor beds, including the most important question: are Montessori/floor beds safe? Then we will be discussing the principles of the Montessori sleeping environment as well as reviewing in detail some of the best Montessori floor beds available on the market right now. So whatever type of sleep space solution you seek—traditional wooden frames with mattresses or minimalist mattress-only—we’ve got it covered! By learning more about each product and carefully deciding which features best fit and support your child’s sleep routine and home design style, you will be able to enhance your toddler’s experience transitioning from a crib with confidence. Let’s get right into it!

What are Montessori Beds, AKA Toddler Floor Beds

If you’re a parent, you may be curious about Montessori beds and toddler beds for your child. These types of beds are designed with the Montessori method in mind, which emphasizes independence and exploration for children. A Montessori bed typically has a low bed frame or sometimes no frame at all, allowing small children to safely climb on and off the bed by themselves. A House Bed, one popular type of Montessori bed, is designed to look like a mini-house with a bed frame that surrounds the mattress on three sides. This style of toddler bed also provides the same level of independence using an open bed frame on one side. Both types of beds provide a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for toddlers while fostering a sense of independence and exploration.

Are Montessori Beds Safe for Toddlers?

Montessori toddler beds can be considered safe for toddlers when certain precautions are taken into account. Here are some key safety considerations to keep in mind:

Childproofing the Bedroom:

To prevent any accidents, it’s essential to childproof the toddler bed and bedroom. Some suggestions for how to babyproof a room include bolting furniture such as bookshelves and dressers to the wall, covering or protecting any sharp corners or edges, removing small items (choking hazards), using quality outlet covers designed for toddler safety, and removing any sharp objects. Additionally, ensure that windows and blinds are childproofed and that there are no strings, cords or cables that your toddler could get tangled in. This creates a safe sleep environment and reduces the risk of potential hazards that your toddler may encounter during unsupervised exploration.

Supervision and Monitoring:

A Montessori toddler bed encourages independence, but adult supervision is always crucial for your child’s safety. Regularly check for potential hazards and inspect the room for small objects that may have made their way into the room. Ensure that your child cannot access potentially dangerous areas, and keep an eye out for any changes in behavior or needs. Regularly monitoring the bedroom and maintaining supervision helps address emerging safety concerns and ensures a secure sleep space for your child’s bedroom. An additional security measure that many parents opt for is a baby monitor to keep a watchful eye.

Floor Bed Design and Construction:

Selecting or constructing a safe and appropriate toddler bed is paramount. Choose a low-profile bed frame or mattress that is sturdy, well-constructed, and free of sharp edges or protrusions that could cause injury. As for size, a twin size mattress is a great option. Verify that the materials used are non-toxic and meet safety standards. It’s also important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for assembly and maintenance to ensure the toddler bed remains secure over time. A well-designed floor bed and bed frame provides a secure and comfortable sleep space for your toddler.

Reduce Risk of Falls:

Placing soft mats or carpets around the bed can provide cushioning and reduce the impact in case of falls or accidents as your young child explores their gross motor movements. This extra layer of protection helps minimize the risk of injuries. Teaching your child safe methods of entering and exiting the bed, such as sliding down feet-first, can further reduce the risk of falling or rolling off and hitting their head. One option to consider for your kids is the toddler bed frame style called a house bed. This bed frame is often a twin size house bed with a small fence to reduce the risk of falling.

Regular Safety Assessments:

Performing periodic assessments of the bed and room are crucial. Regularly evaluate the bedroom for new hazards and make necessary adjustments to maintain a safe resting environment as kids like to try to engage with everything on the ground, furniture, the door, and everything else they can access (fortunately not the roof!). This includes checking for any emerging risks, ensuring that childproofing measures remain effective, and addressing any changes in your child’s needs. By conducting these assessments, you can stay proactive in maintaining a safe and comfortable sleep space for your child.

Conclusion on Safety?

Montessori floor beds can definitely be a safe and beneficial sleeping arrangement for toddlers. By implementing childproofing measures, providing supervision, selecting a well-designed floor bed, addressing the risk of falls, and conducting regular safety assessments, you can create a secure environment that so you can feel confident your kids are safe. Prioritizing our kids wellbeing while embracing the principles of independence and exploration helps foster a secure and nurturing sleep experience for your child.

Benefits of using Montessori beds for toddlers

Looking for a safe, practical, and developmentally appropriate sleeping option for your toddler? Consider a Montessori floor bed! Here are just a few of the benefits:

Independence and freedom of movement:

Let your little one move around freely! A Montessori floor bed empowers toddlers to get in and out of bed independently, practice their gross motor skills, and explore their environment, all while developing a sense of autonomy.

Bedtime routine and self-regulation:

Encouraging healthy sleep habits can start early! With a floor bed, toddlers can learn to recognize their own sleep cues and regulate their snoozing patterns, promoting self-soothing and independent settling.


We all know this is paramount when it comes to children. A Montessori floor bed is designed with your child’s wellbeing in mind, reducing the risk of falling and injuries associated with traditional raised beds or cribs.

Environmental exploration and learning:

For kids, a floor bed is an opportunity to explore! Easy access to surroundings, toys, books, and learning materials can encourage independent play and cognitive development.

Smooth transition to a regular bed:

Is your child growing up fast? A Montessori floor bed can be an excellent transitional option, easing the transition from a crib to a regular bed with a secure and contained space. It’s an easy and positive sleep experience for all!

What is the recommended age for a Montessori style bed?

The general rule of thumb is that a child can start sleeping on a floor bed around 6 months of age. However, it is critical to note that every child is different and unique and may be ready earlier or later. After researching and reviewing hundreds and hundreds of comments, forums, articles, and posts, I have found that there is quite a debate about what age is best to start making the switch. Some parents have started their toddler in a floor bed from day 1, and some have waited all the way until 2 years old or slightly longer.

From my own extensive research, the average age at which parents made the transition to a toddler floor bed was roughly between 6 and 10 months old. It is always recommended to consult with your pediatrician before making any changes to your child’s sleeping arrangements, and they may have some unique advice to consider as well.

One of the main reasons why 6 months is a good starting point is that most babies have developed the necessary motor skills to move around on their own. They are also able to turn their heads and move in different directions, which is essential for safe sleeping on a floor bed. Additionally, many babies at this age are able to crawl or roll over, allowing them to easily get in and out of bed on their own.

Additional considerations for What Age Children Should Use Montessori Floor Bed

It is also important to consider the context in which the floor bed is being used. For example, if your child’s room is not baby-proofed as mentioned above, it may not be safe to start using a floor bed until they are older and less likely to get into things they shouldn’t. On the other hand, if your child’s room is safe and secure, they may be able to start using a floor bed at an earlier age.

Although there is some work to be done in order to really “baby proof” a room, it can be highly rewarding for you and your toddler and provide you with some peace of mind (anyone remember what that feels like?). If you’re already at the stage where you’re ready to select your floor bed today, here’s a great resource I found that really goes into further detail on how to baby proof your home.

One last factor to consider is your child’s temperament and bedtime habits. Some children may be more prone to wandering around their room at night, while others may be content to stay in bed. If your child is a restless sleeper, it may be best to wait until they are a bit older and have a better understanding of bedtime routines.

Be sure to remember that you know your child best and that no article, video, or other parent should dictate your choices. This informative post is meant provide you with as much knowledge and research as possible in order for you to feel confident and decide what is best for your family.

How to Transition a Toddler to a Floor Bed

In terms of transitioning from a crib to a floor bed, it is recommended that you do so gradually. Start by having your child nap on the floor bed, then gradually move to using it for overnight sleep. Taking your time with the transition and encouraging your toddler to explore the floor bed is important as they look to you as parents when forming reactions and opinions to things. If you are open and excited about the new Montessori bed that you purchase for your toddler, then your toddler is more likely to form a positive feeling about it as well. You may also want to consider using a bed rail in the beginning to provide additional security while your child gets used to the new sleeping arrangement.

Are Floor Beds Safe for Infants?

When it comes to Montessori beds, there are a lot of questions that parents may have for their kids. Safety is always a parent’s first concern, and many wonder if Montessori beds are safe for infants. The answer is that, when used correctly and with proper supervision as discussed above, a Montessori floor bed can be a safe sleeping option for infants.

What goes in a Montessori bedroom?

We’ve discussed the toddler bed and some popular styles like the Montessori bed, the house bed, and those with a partially open wood fence. But how about a full Montessori-style bedroom, what does that look like? Of course, these rooms typically feature a twin-size house bed or other low-to-the-ground, open-style bed, often paired with a crib mattress.

What is the difference between a floor bed and a toddler bed?

The main distinction is that a traditional toddler bed generally features guard rails all the way around and is higher off the ground than a floor bed, which is typically just a mattress on the floor, a mattress on slats, or any one of the Montessori style beds such as the house bed style with a wooden bed frame with slats. Ultimately, the choice depends on the ages of the children, bedtime habits, and the preferences of the parents and children.

How to choose the best Montessori bed for your toddler?

Choosing the right bed for your toddler can be a daunting task, but when it comes to Montessori-style beds, it’s important to keep a few key factors in mind. First, consider the size; look for a twin-size bed that will provide enough space to grow and move around comfortably. Next, think about the design; a good size house style bed with a fence can offer a secure and cozy feeling for your child. As for materials, wood and wood slats are always a great choice, as wood is sturdy and durable. And don’t forget the philosophy of Maria Montessori; opting for a low-to-the-floor bed can promote independence and help your child develop a sense of control over their own environment. Additional considerations may include: hypoallergenic mattress, quality of the materials and construction, customer reviews, ease of assembly, and a price that meets your budget.

The 7 Best Montessori Floor Beds May 2023

First Place Winner

Our #1 Pick

Naturepedic Organic Cotton Breathable 2-Stage Crib Mattresses with Waterproof Breathable Pad

Don’t be fooled by the simple look! This 2-in-1 organic mattress features a firm side for babies and a medium-firm side for toddlers, all bordered in seamless, waterproof edges. The breathable organic cotton cover offers another waterproof layer and removes easily for quick cleanup in the washing machine. Lightweight so it’s easy to move and maneuver, the mattress wipes clean with a damp cloth.

Product Pros

  • Made with Organic Cotton
  • Food-grade waterproof surface
  • Meets GREENGUARD Gold Health Certification
  • Removable, breathable cover serves as mattress protector
  • 2-stage dual firmness: firm infant side and medium-firm toddler side

Product Cons

  • Slightly above average price
  • < 2% reviews mention surface felt a bit scratchy
  • Not so evident which side is infant vs. toddler


Eden Home Modern Solid Wood Toddler Floor Bed Frame with House Roof Canopy Rails in White

Discover the perfect blend of style and durability with the Eden Home Toddler Bed. This modern-style bed offers a safe and secure sleeping space for your little one, with guardrails and slats included for added safety. The sturdy construction ensures long-lasting use, while the white furniture finish adds a touch of elegance to any room.

Product Pros

  • Very durable and sturdy
  • Slats are made of real, high-quality wood
  • Safety guardrails included
  • Easy to follow assembly instructions
  • Beautiful design for any room

Product Cons

  • Customer reviews are divided on the ease of assembly
  • Possible for child to reach up and attempt to climb

Toddler Floor Bed with slats by HOMEforDREAMS

Toddler Floor Bed with Slats, Montessori Bed by HOME4DREAMS

Introducing the beautifully crafted wooden floor bed made from polished high-class aspen or alder wood. The bed is coated with an ecological, baby-safe natural protective wax, providing durability and water-repellent features. It promotes independence, spatial awareness, and healthy sleep patterns. Choose your own custom colors and enjoy the easy assembly with included instructions and tools.

Product Pros

  • Premium wood construction
  • Customizable colors
  • Eco and baby-safe natural protective wax coating
  • Easy assembly with instructions and tools provided
  • Responsive and helpful seller

Product Cons

  • Can become expensive depending on customizations
  • Additional costs for UK buyers due to Customs


Bloom Alma Max Organic Breathe Mattress

Experience the revolutionary Bloom Breathe mattress—an eco-friendly choice with a breathable core. Dual-sided for firm support and memory-like cushioning, it emits zero VOCs, ensuring a safer sleep environment. Crafted from recyclable materials and Greenguard Gold Certified, it’s sustainable. The mattress includes an organic cotton, water repellent, removable cover for convenience and hygiene.

Product Pros

  • Revolutionary, hypoallergenic Bundle Fiber™ core, 100% breathable mattress
  • Dual-sided for extra support
  • Made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials
  • Includes organic, removable, and washable cover

Product Cons

  • Limited firmness options
  • Slightly above average price


Montessori Toddler Floor Bed with Rails By MontessoriHOUSEbed 

Upgrade your child’s sleep with our handmade Montessori toddler floor bed. Crafted from solid wood, it ensures durability and adheres to Montessori principles. With easy assembly and included safety rails, create a cozy haven for your little one. Make bedtime a joyous adventure – order our irresistible Montessori toddler floor bed today!

Product Pros

  • Customizable size, color and wood selections
  • Handmade with high quality solid wood
  • Removable side rail as your child grows
  • Easy to assemble

Product Cons

  • Extra shipping costs outside of the US
  • Can become expensive depending on customizations


Little Seeds Skyler Metal Montessori House Bed

Introducing the enchanting Little Seeds Skyler Kids Montessori House Floor Bed! This whimsical twin bed is the centerpiece of your child’s dreamy room, offering a magical haven and imaginative space for sleep and playtime. With its sturdy metal frame, safe low profile, and charming canopy design, this bed combines style and functionality seamlessly.

Product Pros

  • Sturdy metal canopy frame
  • Includes metal slats for mattress support
  • Multiple design ideas to decorate

Product Cons

  • Some people prefer wood
  • “White” color is actually a cream color
  • Potential for adult to hit head on metal frame


Bodhi Toddler Bed by Second Story Home

Stylish, modern, and sleek, the daybed is a perfect place for your child to spend their nights. The soft velvet fabric rounded corners make this bed a safe option for any day. This daybed uses a standard-size crib mattress. The Bodhi Toddler Bed features a low profile and subtle padding to provide a safe sleeping experience for even the roughest tossers, turners, and rollers.

Product Pros

  • Premium quality materials and construction
  • Extremely sturdy
  • More than 1,400 5-star reviews
  • 7 different color options

Product Cons

  • Some pieces didn’t align perfectly during assembly
  • Mattress not included, but frame fits standard size crib mattress

How to transition from a crib to a Montessori bed

As your little one grows into a curious and adventurous toddler, you may start to consider transitioning from a crib to a Montessori-style bed. One popular option is a floor bed, which allows your child to move freely in and out of bed while promoting independence and exploration. While it may seem daunting at first, the transition can be made smoother with a few steps.

Start by introducing the concept of a “big kid” bed and involving your toddler in choosing their new bedding. Consider a twin-size bed to accommodate their growing bodies while providing a comfortable sleeping space. Gradually ease into the transition by placing the floor bed in the same room as the crib, before eventually removing the crib altogether. With patience and encouragement, your little one will be sleeping soundly in their new big kid bed in no time.

Montessori Bed Conclusion

To end, investing in a Montessori bed or floor bed for your toddler is absolutely worth considering. They are designed to provide safety while giving children the independence to make their own choices and move around freely.

Take some time to consider what matters most to your family when deciding on the best Montessori bed or floor bed for your toddler. It’s not just about finding the perfect look and style, but really understanding how this sleep pattern will impact both your lives and those of your little ones in the long term. We hope this guide was helpful for you before making a purchase decision so that you can find the perfect fit—something comfortable, safe, suited to everyone’s needs, and one that makes life easier—for both parents and children!

We want you to be well-informed and successful in your journey with your toddler. That’s why we spend so much time carefully researching these products, and even more careful when it involves our children’s wellbeing. Thank you so much for taking the time to read our blog and we wish you and your children all the best!

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