The 5 Best Floor Mattresses of September 2023

A mattress is more than just a place for rest—it’s an integral part of our lives where we sleep, rejuvenate, and sometimes, even work. But have you ever given thought to the versatile functionality and numerous benefits offered by the best floor mattress? Welcome to the definitive guide that will provide you with in-depth information on floor mattresses and guide you through the process of finding the best one.


Have you ever slept on a floor mattress? If not, you’re missing out on a comfortable and relaxing sleep experience. A floor mattress is an excellent alternative to traditional mattresses, especially when you’re low on space. They’re perfect for guests, camping, and many other occasions.

While selecting a floor mattress seems easy, it’s important to remember that not all floor mattresses are equal. With so many options available, choosing the right one for you can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive guide to help you select the best floor mattress.

foldable mattress used as couch in back patio area

The Best Floor Mattress: Your Gateway to Unmatched Comfort

When we talk about the “best floor mattress,” we’re referring to portable sleeping platforms meticulously designed to offer a fusion of comfort and convenience. The top-of-the-line floor mattresses provide a balance of superior comfort, excellent support, and remarkable durability.

A good night’s sleep is key to health and wellbeing, and it becomes even more crucial when you’re away from the comfort of your own bed. In the absence of a dedicated bed or when you are on the go, floor mattresses can prove to be a great alternative.

Designed to provide a comfortable sleeping surface, floor mattresses are lightweight, compact and versatile – making them suitable for a variety of scenarios. With that in mind, let’s explore the stand-out advantages to investing in one of the best floor mattresses.

The Benefits of Floor Mattresses

A. Versatility – The Ultimate Advantage

Possibly the most notable advantage of investing in the best floor mattress is its incredible versatility. Good quality floor mattresses can adapt to a myriad of situations with effortless ease. It can serve as makeshift bedding for guests, transforming into a play mat for children, providing a comfortable surface during camping or even functioning as a yoga mat for your fitness routine. Thanks to its ergonomic design, versatility is one of the top reasons why a floor mattress is a must-have.

happy family with kids on a roll up japanese mattress

B. Portability – Because Convenience Matters

Lightweight and compact when folded or rolled up, most floor mattresses are engineered to be portable by design. This inherent trait makes them the perfect bed companion whether you’re venturing out on a camping trip or in need of an additional sleeping surface for a visitor. The ease of transporting floor mattresses is what makes them appealing for those who desire convenience in their bedding solutions.

C. Space-Efficiency – Making the Most of Small Spaces

Undoubtedly, space is a luxury that most people do not have, especially those residing in compact apartments or houses. The practical and straightforward solution to this problem is a floor mattress. Not only are they versatile, but thanks to their space-saving design, they can be stowed away with ease. The compact design of floor mattresses make them the perfect bed solutions for those who need to make the most of limited space.

floor mattress inside a sophisticated, beautiful bedroom

Through our detailed analysis, it’s clear that investing in the best floor mattress can provide an array of advantages to its users. From versatility to portability and space-efficiency, a floor mattress is a must-have for anyone seeking a comfortable and convenient bed solution.

What Makes a Good Floor Mattress

What attributes elevate floor mattresses from average to the best? Let’s delve into the specifics.

A. Premium-Quality Material

The best floor mattress is crafted from superior materials that promise remarkable comfort and durability. These commonly include memory foam, latex, and high-density foam, all of which are known for their distinct properties and benefits. Floor mattresses also may come in various other types of materials such as cotton or wool.

Memory foam mattresses are popular as they conform to your body, offering pressure relief as well as optimum support. Wool mattresses, on the other hand, are hypoallergenic, while also regulating your body temperature. Your preferred materials should depend on your comfort levels and the type of weather in your area.

visual comparison of different types of mattress styles

B. A Variety of Sizes

Floor mattresses are offered in a range of sizes, from twin size and full to queen and king sizes. The ideal floor mattress should cater to the user’s specific needs and available space. Before making a purchase, measure the floor space where the mattress will be used to make sure the mattress will fit comfortably. Note if the mattress is too large or too small, it may compromise your comfort.

C. Optimal Thickness

The thickness of the mattress is another essential factor to consider. Thickness can range anywhere from 2 inches to 7 inches, but for floor mattresses, it’s best to stick to a 3- to 4-inch thickness. That way, the mattress is thin enough to be easily stored and transported. Plus, the firmness and support will be enough for a comfortable night’s sleep without sacrificing convenience.

The thickness of a floor mattress greatly influences its comfort level and longevity. If you don’t plan to move the mattress around much, you may benefit from opting for one with more thickness as it can provide better support than a thin mattress and they tend to last a bit longer.

visual guide for common mattress thicknesses

How to Choose the Best Floor Mattress

Choosing between different floor mattresses can be a challenging task. Here’s a detailed roadmap to guide you towards the best pick.

A. Consider Your Mattress Requirements

text that says "personal preferences"

The first step towards choosing the best floor mattress is introspection. Start by evaluating your specific needs. Do you have a specific material preference? Are you looking for a particular design or size? Do you have any special support needs? Is the floor mattress for you or are you looking for the best toddler floor beds instead? Understanding your specific requirements is essential in determining the kind of mattress to purchase. Additionally, consider the amount of space that you have available, and we can’t forget, your budget.

B. Research Online

The internet offers an abundance of information and resources for purchasing a floor mattress. The last thing you want is to buy a mattress that sags or loses its support after just a few uses. Always check for reviews and other feedback online to determine if the product is up to standards for important categories such as durability of the mattress, quality of materials, and comfort level.

You can look at different brands and read through reviews to see what other customers have to say. This can help you to discern the best options available to you. Look for brands that are renowned for using high-quality materials, offering exceptional customer service, and with favorable warranty terms. Additionally, check whether the warranty or guarantee that comes with your mattress is comprehensive and satisfactory.

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C. Test It for Comfort and Support

If feasible, visiting a physical store to try out a memory foam mattress, an air mattress, a roll up mattress, or even a futon mattress before buying is highly advisable. Testing the mattress lets you feel and experience its comfort, support, and quality.

You can bounce, lie down, and get a general sense of its size and texture. This hands-on experience helps to make an informed decision before purchasing a reliable floor mattress.

D. Consider the Price

Cost is an important consideration. While it’s essential to keep within budget, don’t sacrifice comfort and quality for a lower price tag. A floor mattress is a valuable investment that will ensure your comfort and quality sleep over time. Floor mattresses usually range from $100-$250, but some luxury floor mattresses cost around $1,000.

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E. Consider the Cleaning and Maintenance

Lastly, you will want to keep your floor mattress clean. Generally, floor mattresses are easier to maintain compared to traditional ones, minimizing the use of chemicals and artificial odor diffusers.

While some brands come pre-treated for stains and odors, you want to ensure that the mattress’ surface is clean and free of allergens. Always check the product specifications on how to clean, maintain and store your floor mattress properly.

Overall, investing in a good floor mattress is critical in ensuring quality sleep and waking up energized and refreshed. The above tips, combined with a diverse range of options available in the market, will help you to narrow your search and make an informed decision.

F. Add-ons and Accessories

Once you’ve picked your perfect floor mattress, it’s time to consider adding add-ons and accessories. Floor mattresses often come with options to add protectors, covers, or frames to elevate your sleeping experience. You could even opt for a floor sofa with extra cushions and back support to give your space a multi-functional makeover. If you’re one of many side sleepers and are having some pain, consider a memory foam mattress topper.

memory foam mattress topper

Understanding Different Types of Floor Mattresses

Having a grasp on the various types of floor mattresses available can further aid your search for the best floor mattress.

A. Foldable Floor Mattresses

Foldable portable floor mattresses are a popular choice for those who are looking for a temporary sleeping solution, as they offer a compact design that can be easily stored away when not in use. As the name suggests, foldable mattresses can be folded into a compact size, perfect for small spaces or guests staying over. This type of portable floor mattress is often made from dense memory foam, providing a firmer sleeping surface than other options. Another advantage of a foldable floor mattress is that it’s lightweight and easy to move around your home making it quite a portable mattress.

foldable floor mattress

However, a foldable memory foam floor mattress often doesn’t offer the same level of comfort as other floor mattresses, such as roll-up or inflatable options. The memory foam can compress over time, leading to a less comfortable sleeping surface. If you’re looking for something thicker and with a softer feel, then you may want to consider a different type of floor mattress than the foldable floor mattresses.

B. Roll Up Floor Mattresses

Roll up mattresses, also known as Shikibutons, are a popular choice in Japan and are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Made from cotton, memory foam, or a combination of both, they provide a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface. A roll up mattress is likely the best portable floor mattress. Being lightweight and easy to roll up, it can be conveniently transported and used in various settings such as camping trips, sleepovers, or temporary accommodations. This makes it an excellent option for individuals who are frequently on the move or have limited space at home.

roll up floor mattress with women rolling it up

Additionally, the space-saving design of a roll-up floor mattress is advantageous, particularly in small living spaces. Unlike traditional bulky mattresses, it can be neatly stored away when not in use, freeing up valuable floor space. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals living in studio apartments, dorm rooms, or any environment where maximizing space is a priority. Additionally, the affordability of roll-up floor mattresses is often a noteworthy advantage, making them a cost-effective alternative to regular mattresses, especially for those on a budget.

A roll up mattress is generally thinner that a traditional mattress and provides limited support compared to a thicker mattress, lacks durability, and cannot be height-adjusted like regular mattresses. It may be uncomfortable on hard surfaces such as hardwood floors, lacks insulation and protection, and poses challenges for maintenance. Additionally, roll-up floor mattresses can be more expensive than other options, and they require regular maintenance to keep them in good condition.

C. Inflatable Floor Mattresses

Inflatable floor mattresses are an ideal solution for those who are looking for a temporary sleeping solution that is easy to set up and take down. They can be inflated when needed and deflated for easy storage. Inflatable floor mattresses are generally made from PVC or vinyl and are available with inbuilt air pumps, making inflating and deflating easy.

a picture with 9 different blown up air mattresses standing up

One of the advantages of inflatable floor mattresses is that they can be easily adjusted to your preferred level of firmness. Additionally, they provide a higher level of comfort than a folding floor mattress, making them a good option for regular use. However, they do have some disadvantages. Firstly, they can be noisy when you move around on them, which can be a problem if you’re sharing a living space. They can also be punctured easily, so care must be taken when using them.

Factors to Consider When Buying

When investing in the best floor mattress, several additional factors should be taken into account.

1. Firmness

The firmness of a mattress is going to be a key consideration, no matter who you are. It not only impacts the quality of your sleep but also has a considerable impact on your general health. Consider whether you are on of many side sleepers, or stomach sleepers. Considering your preferred sleeping position is critical when purchasing your floor bed. Side sleepers tend to do better with a low to medium firm mattress. Stomach sleepers fare better with medium firm to firm mattresses.

mattress guide to thickness levels

A firmer mattress will provide more support for your back and some pressure relief, which can help to alleviate issues such as pain and stiffness. On the other hand, a softer plush memory foam mattress may be more comfortable, and some people may prefer this option. Ultimately when it comes to firmness, it is necessary to choose a floor mattress with a level of firmness that meets your needs, allowing you to get an excellent night’s sleep without waking up with any discomfort.

2. Hypoallergenic Materials

If you suffer from allergies, then hypoallergenic materials on your mattress are going to be a considerable consideration. Allergies can disrupt your sleep and make you more uncomfortable, so reducing your exposure to allergens can make a huge difference in your quality of life. Since you will be putting the mattress on the floor and sleeping on the floor, a good habit to develop is sweeping or vacuuming often to reduce dust mites and allergens. Several floor mattresses on the market use hypoallergenic covers or foam, which can provide relief from allergies, so be sure to choose one that fits your needs.

3. Heat Retention

Another critical factor when it comes to choosing a floor mattress is heat retention. Depending on your preferences and your average body heat while sleeping, you may prefer a cooler sleeping surface or a warmer one. Some types of mattresses, such as plush memory foam, have a reputation for retaining heat, making them feel warmer. For hot sleepers, you may want to consider a floor mattress with a cooling gel layer or one made from latex. This added feature can make a big difference in the quality of your sleep, particularly if you live in a hot climate or if you generally run hot.

temperature regulation scale for each type of mattress material

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

The 5 Best Floor Mattresses Right Now

Our #1 Pick
Best floor mattresses, FULI Japanese Floor Mattress

FULI Japanese Floor Mattress

Experience the perfect blend of tradition and comfort with our Japanese 3-Layer Futon Mattress. This compact, rollable bedding crafted from 100% cotton and stuffed with polyester and polyurethane offers firm yet plush support. Ideal for easing back pain and promoting restful sleep. Versatile and easy to store, it also promotes a cool, refreshing sleep during hot summer nights. Unroll tranquility with our authentic Japanese futon.

Product Pros

  • Authentic Japanese comfort
  • Promotes restful deep sleep
  • Eases back pain
  • Versatile and easy storage
  • Cool on hot nights

Product Cons

  • Requires regular airing
  • Initial wrinkly appearance
  • Slightly thinner than average
Our #2 Pick
Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress

Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress

Discover unparalleled comfort with this plush, breathable design, perfect for cozy corners and compact spaces. Enjoy travel convenience with its easy-to-fold feature. The machine-washable bamboo cover provides effortless care, while the robust 4″ thick certified foam promises enduring shape and durability. This folding mattress isn’t just a product; it’s a fusion of convenience, comfort, and longevity.

Product Pros

  • Plush and breathable
  • Machine-washable cover
  • Long-lasting shape retention
  • Great for travel or camping
  • Supreme comfort

Product Cons

  • Requires ample storage space
  • Less suited for larger rooms
Our #3 Pick
Best Price Mattress 4-Inch Trifold with Memory Foam Topper

Best Price Mattress 4-Inch Trifold with Memory Foam Topper

Experience enhanced comfort with this CertiPUR-US certified Memory Foam Mattress Topper. With a 1.5-inch memory foam top and a 2.5-inch high-density base foam layer, it offers unparalleled support. Its portable trifold design, combined with a slip-proof bottom, makes it a perfect companion for camping or sleepovers. Refresh your sleep experience effortlessly.

Product Pros

  • Reduces pressure points
  • Portable trifold design
  • Memory foam and high density foam base
  • Slip-proof bottom
  • Super comfortable

Product Cons

  • Can only be spot cleaned
  • Requires initial odor dissipation
Our #4 Pick
Lucid Folding Mattress

Lucid Folding Mattress

Experience versatile comfort with the LUCID Folding Foam Sofa. Doubling as a safe play mat, it’s perfect for sleepovers, camping, or dorms. Its portable design, complete with a handle and washable cover, brings convenience and comfort wherever you go. With high-density foam, enjoy supportive seating or a restful sleep without compromise.

Product Pros

  • Versatile use
  • Super easy portability
  • Removable, washable cover
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam
  • Product Pro 5

Product Cons

  • Requires ample storage space
  • Not optimal in couch form
Our #5 Pick
Inofia Folding Mattress, Memory Foam Queen 6 inch

Inofia Folding Mattress, Memory Foam Queen 6 inch

The Inofia 6-Inch Full Trifold Mattress, the perfect blend of compact structure, support, and convenience. Crafted with a super-soft bamboo fiber surface, memory foam layer, and tri-fold design, this space-saving solution promises sublime comfort and effortless portability. Ideal for home, travel, or guests, it guarantees a restful sleep, anywhere.

Product Pros

  • High-quality memory foam
  • Convenient tri-fold design
  • Ideal for travel
  • Ultra soft bamboo surface

Product Cons

  • Requires 72 hours to expand
  • Queen size is 58″, not the standard 60″

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a floor mattress comfortable?

Yes, the best floor mattresses are designed to offer excellent comfort. They are usually made from high-quality materials like memory foam or high-density foam that provide great support. You can opt for a memory foam mattress topper for additional comfort as well.

2. Can I use a floor mattress every day?

Absolutely. While some people use them for occasional use like camping or guest bedding, many people use floor mattresses as their primary bed. Similar to Montessori Floor Beds, which are mainly for toddlers and very young children, these can be used regularly.

3. How do I clean a floor mattress?

Most floor mattresses come with a removable and machine-washable cover. For the mattress itself, spot cleaning with a mild detergent is usually recommended. Because you put the mattress on the floor, cleaning regularly is recommended.

4. Is a floor mattress good for my back?

Yes, a good-quality floor mattress can provide ample support for your back. However, it’s crucial to choose a mattress that offers the right level of firmness based on your comfort preferences.

5. Can I use a regular bedsheet on a floor mattress?

Yes, you can. However, make sure to choose the right size to fit the mattress properly.

6. Where can I buy the best floor mattress?

The best floor mattresses can be bought from various online and physical stores. Online platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and brand-specific websites are good places to start when considering your mattress purchase.


In a nutshell, the best floor mattress brings a blend of comfort, versatility, and convenience. With numerous brands and models available, you’re bound to find one that fits your needs and preferences. So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your comfort game with the best floor mattress today!

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